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Just keeping it real, people.

August 2, 2016

Lucy Baldwin

Video marketing is taking over, and it’s great!

In the last week I have watched a penguin waddling down the road to collect fish in his backpack, people doing anything from drinking coffee to pushing a trolley in their ‘Active Wear’, a small child reacting to the news that he will soon have a baby brother or sister, and a guy asking his girlfriend repeatedly what E-YES spells. It’s EYES people! And these were just a select few of the videos that popped up in my Facebook feed having gone viral across the globe.

It got me thinking, what was it about each of these videos that made them so compelling, and eminently shareable? Indeed, what is it about videos in general that makes them so popular that they circulate the globe within seconds?

Three things came to mind. Each video did at least one of the following things REALLY WELL:

1. Provoked laugh out loud amusement

2. Touched on a consumer trend

3. Tugged on the heart strings, and elicited a response that reminded us of some unifying truth about humanity.

When we think about successful video marketing campaigns, it is perhaps unsurprising that they too exhibit one or more of these qualities.

Laugh out loud amusement

The dollar shave club amused us all by taking the mickey out of male razor advertising and it’s OTT claims, bucking the trend by offering the modern man a clean shave for a single dollar. It was the simplicity and self-deprecation that we really loved about this campaign, it’s refreshing to see a brand that isn’t afraid to laugh at itself.

by Lucy Baldwin

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