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The task

The two companies merged under the AC3 name and so they needed a new brand strategy and creative identity that combined the best of both companies and created a new, united brand. It also required a large focus on internal brand, both to bridge the gap between the two different company cultures, and galvanise employees behind the new brand strategy.

The Insight

Both sides of the business were part of a highly consultative engagement process that helped defined their strategy. What came out strongly was their down-to-earth approach and their close-knit family culture, as well as the high calibre of their technical capabilities. This combination of traits is unusual, especially within the IT space. These insights led us to the brand idea ‘Technically human’, which spoke to their human-centric culture and their technical proficiency. We created essential behaviours so employees understood how to live the brand day to day. A series of brand workshops were held with all employees to educate and inspire them on the new brand strategy, identity and essential behaviours.

The solution

AC3 have a clear brand strategy and unique visual identity to give them standout in a crowded marketplace. They have a motivated team who know how to live the brand every day and are enjoying the united team culture.