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The task

AGL had a bold new strategy – to reshape the future of energy for Australians, and to reshape itself around the customer.  As the biggest and longest established energy provider, AGL can create the biggest change.  And we were tasked with creating a new identity to help bring this strategy to life.

The insight

The identity was built on the idea of putting power into the hands of people.  Bringing innovation and humanity together.

The solution

We evolved the rays of the AGL logo to suggest the diverse forms of energy that the organisation offers.  Inspired by an outstretched hand, the new logo brings a human touch to the brand, and is designed to animate and come to life in digital channels.  The signature blue,  which commands high recognition and differentiation, was retained and re-energised.  It is optimistic and approachable, without sacrificing a sense of expertise and authority. We also crafted a distinctive new voice for the brand, that’s conversational yet straightforward,  funny when it’s appropriate, with a touch of Aussie charm.