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Australian Tax Office


The ATO’s literature system was not working as well as it should. It wasn’t well understood and it was complicated and confusing for staff to use. As a result, their literature was not, as whole, communicating a consistent brand message. Our brief was to review their literature hierarchy (types of information and key messages) and provide creative solutions to make it easier to work with – and create more effective and compelling marketing communications.


The ATO is a complex organisation. They have a myriad of communications issues, both structural and design. We analysed and categorised types of communication by subject, purpose and audience – to create a seamless and easy-to-understand system – all coming from the ATO brand.


We worked collaboratively with the ATO brand and design teams to provide strategic and design solutions. We created a new, distinctive look and feel, and effectively streamlined their design management systems – from briefing through to product management.