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Barangaroo is Sydney’s newest destination. It’s been talked about for years but now it’s already a thriving business hub, a beautiful contemplative wildlife and, coming next, a central hub for entertainment, culture and community. Nearly a million people already people already visit Barangaroo every year and that number will only grow. It was time to take stock of Barangaroo’s identity and get ready for the destination’s next stages of evolution and development as it becomes a fully integrated centre of commerce, culture and history.


Barangaroo has an extraordinary history, as a place, and as a series of stories about its past and about its future. Everything about the place (its architecture, its resources, its infrastructure, its food culture, its entertainment) has connections to the past and embodies aspects of the new. Everything points both ways and therein lies its uniqueness. We call that ‘inspire originality’ and that’s the idea that drives the evolution of Barangaroo’s brand identity.


We respected the Barangaroo logo and give it a new life within a refreshed and simpli ed colour palette, a new imagery style, language and typography. The brand refresh is now being rolled out in
all marketing communications, signage to enhance the visibility of Barangaroo as a destination, a place to work and a place to explore.