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Bionics Institute

The task

The Bionic Ear Institute’s vision is to become the world’s leading medical bionics research institute and make Australia the medical bionics capital of the world. The Institute’s area of research has now expanded to 3 research horizons, Bionic Hearing, Bionic Vision, and Neurobionics. It needed a new name and visual identity to reflect this exciting vision and to be able to position the Institute as the world expert in the field of bionics.

The insight

The new Institute needed to embody the values of creativity and scientific rigour and reflect the organisation’s ambition to be seen as the pioneers of the “next generation of bionics”.

The solution

We renamed the Institute: The Bionics Institute of Australia, and created a new visual identity to reflect the essence “Liberating Science”. The new name and identity was officially launched in June 2011.