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Pursuing peak performance

The task

One of Australia’s quiet achievers, CHEP does business in 52 countries and is best known for its ubiquitous blue pallets. In recent years CHEP has been scaling up by purchasing other reusable packaging companies that serve broader growth industries globally, such as airlines, automotive, chemicals and fresh foods. We needed to find a smart way of folding these new businesses into the CHEP brand. To start thinking as one team, without losing each brand’s valuable frontline industry expertise.

The insight

CHEP is now fortunate to have deep materials handling know-how across many global industries. Yet fundamental change was needed to shift its culture from a multi brand, multi product and multi regional focus – to a single brand and single customer service standard globally. We drew many acquired businesses together under the CHEP masterbrand, built a stable of specialist industry solutions clusters and refocused communications on client performance uplift, not product detail.

The solution

We drew the many businesses together around a shared promise to customers – to help them to chase higher supply chain performance. Yet at the same time locked in the acquired industry expertise through CHEP branded industry solutions. The new identity system helps the greatly expanded CHEP family to look and act as one.