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Code Read


The Dyslexia Network is a forum for parents and professionals, mainly on social media, dedicated to reducing the stress, misinformation and hardship associated with dyslexia.
Dyslexia is a huge problem in Australia and globally. It’s poorly understood by the teaching profession and by government and the result is children wait years for a proper diagnosis and in the meantime suffer shame and in some cases bullying and discrimination.


The organisation has a huge body of information and wisdom on dyslexia. It needed a much stronger brand platform to support its message. And it needed a new name to help them stand out and help fulfil their longer terms goal – to change minds and to change the lives (children and their families) who are affected by dyslexia. And while dyslexia is recognised as a disability, ultimately that had to become less important than the fact that dyslexics, with the right support and encouragement can lead fulfilling lives and make a major contribution to their community.


We created a new name, Code Read (pronounced ‘red) which emphasises the urgency of their cause and positions them firmly in the field of literacy improvement.
They kept the descriptor, Dyslexia Network, as a secondary element to their name. The new name lives within a bold and at times campaigning visual identity, that allows Code Read to persuade and campaign for change and support its growing support base.

The new identity was launched on 14 October 2017.