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Everlight Radiology

The task

IPO had a bold vision – one that was let down by its name and identity, and perception issues in the teleradiology sector. To add an additional layer of complexity, IPO’s U.K. business Radiology Reporting online (RRO) was also in need of brand help. The challenge was to demonstrate the benefit of a strategic alignment between IPO and RRO.

The insight

IPO was viewed as a strong emergency option. However given the significant benefits of teleradiology, IPO needed to shift its position from an emergency fall-back option to an essential lifeline. Given their incredible pace and accuracy, we defined a new ‘everyday critical’ brand idea to help reposition them as an essential partner for hospitals and corporate radiologists.

The solution

We started by renaming the company as Everlight Radiology, and creating a dynamic visual and verbal identity. We’ve since helped Everlight define their sales funnel strategy and EVP, and successfully aligned both IPO and RRO under the one Everlight brand.