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Let’s hear it for holidays

The task

Most holiday companies’ advertising looks the same, with the same stale images and communications. Principals’ task was to shake up the old Holiday Specialists brand by giving it a new name, new visual identity, and fresh communications strategy to help the brand really come to life – and to distance it from the competition.

The insight

There’s nothing more exciting than a holiday. Hoot believes holidays really matter, and its vision is to be Australia’s best loved family holiday company, as a result of the expertise and enthusiasm of its staff. We needed a new name and identity to capture this.

The solution

The new name, Hoot, is a word that instantly evokes the idea of fun and excitement, while the new brand identity is vibrant, bold, engaging, and memorable – just like Hoot.

Hoot Website: https://www.hootholidays.com.au