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BELIEVING in new thinking, new possibilities


To help Hyundai shift into the first division of automotive brands in Australia. We were asked to help them define their gameplan for leadership – which is to become the most loved car brand in Australia.


The singular value strategy that has served HMCA so well for the last 30 years, is losing both competitive traction and is incapable of attracting a substantial new cohort of Hyundai owners. The brand needed to grow to mean more than just ‘value for money’. We need to persuade Australians to desire, not just pragmatically accept, the Hyundai brand and see value in the badge that’s greater than the sum of its product features. We needed to find a way to connect more emotively with their buyers.


We worked closely with HMCA to help them ‘localise’ their global brand strategy. Connecting them in a relevant way with local audiences, and providing a clear proposition that differentiated them from others in the sector. We have worked closely with many parts of the business to chart out current and future activations that will enable them to achieve their vision by becoming better known, more deeply trusted, more exciting and ultimately more loved. We have also worked closely with HMCA’s advertising partners, to help them translate the new strategy, identity and language into their mainstream and digital communications.