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Life Without Barriers

For everyone

The task

Life Without Barriers is one of Australia’s largest not for profits, providing a wide range of social services – from disability services to settlement for migrants, from childcare to counselling. They asked us to re-think their brand strategy and identity, which make them look too much like their government partners rather than the passionate and values-based organisation that they are.

The insight

The people who work for LWB are true believers in the name of the organisation. They champion the rights of their clients. They believe in championing opportunity for all. And that became the brand idea and the call to action for Life Without Barriers and the brief for their brand identity.

The solution

Their new brand identity is based on a vibrant language and imagery style reflecting their optimism and their commitment to their clients. It starts with a simple statement of belief – we believe in life without barriers – which becomes integrated with their logo, it becomes a statement of intent and a call to action for their clients. The new identity was launched in May 2014 and is transforming the way they are seen, from a quiet achiever to a proud champion of opportunity for all of their clients.