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Liverpool City Council

The Task

Pre-existing perceptions of the region were mixed or non-existent and attracting business and investors to the city was difficult. They needed a new identity that lived up to their ambitions and reflected their colourful demographic mix; one that showed the city was changing and provided a platform for the city to tell their new stories.

The Insight

The new brand strategy had to be unashamedly bold as befits their ambitions. It had to be much more than a tagline. It had to be Liverpool’s claim to be the future of the south west of Sydney.
The idea? ‘The Great South West, is a claim that was designed to build local confidence and become a focus for a new relationship with the media and the business community.

The Solution

The new brand was launched in September 2015, quietly but confidently. It was followed by a food truck initiative in the centre of Sydney celebrating Liverpool’s food culture and attracting Sydneysiders to explore the south west.
Each of the new developments under way (new Customer Service centre, booming residential developments, new infrastructure) will celebrate and continue to promote Liverpool’s role as the Great South West.