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The task

Monash is a Group of Eight university and the largest and most comprehensive university in Australia. But it is not well known for what it does.

We were commissioned to create a new strategy and identity for Monash that would help them stand out and build pride in the brand.

The insight

Monash University has a very interesting history. It was set up to provide education for people who could not previously afford it and to do teaching and research that made a real difference to Australia and to the world. And they had ample evidence for what they had achieved.

That needed to come to the fore.

The solution

We created the brand idea: ‘make a bigger impact’ that summed up their historical and current ambitions. It served as an invitation to students, past and future, to play a role in society. This idea drove the creation of a new look and feel, language and brand identity. It’s based on a dramatic graphic ‘M’ that provides a backdrop for stories about people, achievements and tells Monash’s story in a contemporary, vibrant way.


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