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Oliver Hume

The task

As the company progressed and grew significantly, it was clear that Oliver Hume were rock solid. Their hunger, commitment and restlessness existed in their work culture and their results, yet this was not mirrored in their brand personality. We needed to develop an identity system that encapsulated all of the components of the business whilst standing out from their competitors.

The insight

In the hectic property marketing and development space, it’s easy to get lost among your competitors. Oliver Hume recognised the power of the use of language and imagery as a key means to stand out from the rest. Their reputation was already known as positive, authentic, personable and inclusive, they needed a brand image that reflected this too, not just their assets.

The solution

We created a bold yet simple identity system that reflected Oliver Hume’s values, work ethic and brand identity as ‘restless achievers’ – always hungry and striving to please their clients. Using the strength of a black and white as part of the core colour palette, complemented by abstract photography, we built a system that could be easily applied across the multi-disciplinary offering.