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Rest Super

The task

Rest Super is one of Australia’s foremost superannuation funds with 2 million members and $50 billion in funds under management.

Like many sectors, theirs is undergoing major change, not least of all in response to changes in the needs of younger members. And while they were previously a fund exclusively for retail employees, they were now open to all Australians and that meant they had to work harder to get attention and be chosen.

The insight

They had to break from the sector conventions of smiling silver-haired couples walking barefoot across beaches or driving into the sunset. We knew this meant nothing to a 21-year-old working in their first job. And to do this, we had to understand what motivates members and potential members in the new world of greater choice and changing generational attitudes super had to break.

We took a human-centered design approach with members and non-members to better understand how super fits within their lives and what drives the decisions they make. This led to the creation of a new brand experience promise for Rest, based on keeping your super in good shape.

The solution

The new brand experience promise stimulated a review of their brand identity and the creation of a fresh, bright and new look and feel.

The core of the new brand identity is a word mark that embodies the sense of connection, care and empowerment that drive the new brand. It’s accompanied by a refreshing colour palette and tagline ‘together towards tomorrow’.

The new brand identity was launched on April 4, 2018 and will be supported by a media campaign during the 2018 Commonwealth Games as well as outdoor, digital and cinema exposure.