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The Darwin Challenge

The task

Chris Darwin, the great great grandson of the legendary Charles Darwin started a venture called ‘Darwin’s Unfinished Business’ with a view of taking forward the work done by Charles Darwin and making it relevant for the issues that world faces today. The first initiative was to build a mobile app that will encourage people to pledge one meat free day per week. Our challenge was to define a leadership idea that will drive all future initiatives and create real and maximum impact.

The insight

Traditional non-profit organisations try to change the mindset of people with messaging, which appeals to their emotions and then leads to behaviour change. The new generation of non-profits use a mobile app to instantly change your behaviour, then change your mind. In the clutter of non-profit organisations and causes, to create real impact it was necessary to differentiate and stand for something bigger. This led us to brand idea of ‘A positive reimagining of the future’.

The solution

In order to add some fun and excitement around the serious issues, we gave a new name to the mobile app, ‘The Darwin’s Challenge’. The most original, identifiable and ownable asset was Charles Darwin himself. His trademark beard was used to create an unconventional logo design.The fun and humorous side of the brand was explored in design, and playful and inspiring language was used in the messaging.