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Tribeca (formerly Tribeca Capital) is an established player in the Australian residential property development market. Their growth ambitions required a stronger presence in the minds of their customers – not just the agents. They needed to be clear about how they were different from their competitors and the value they deliver through their investments. Tribeca required a stronger brand platform to support these growth objectives, and a clearly defined way of beginning to connect and communicate to their target audience.

The insight

They needed to raise awareness and an emotional connection to the brand with end investors/home owners – not just the immediate sales network (agents). To do this, we needed to reduce the complexity in the organisation (caused by numerous sub brands) and deliver a brand that feels more inspiring and inclusive and that more clearly communicated it’s purpose and difference.

The solution

The new brand idea ‘Futures reimagined. Dreams lived’ has become the driving force for the brand. This captures what they seek to achieve for their investment customers (whether first time investors or even owner occupiers.) We simplified the way in which the brand communicated to audiences – through streamlining the portfolio to a masterbrand structure and through a revised name – ‘Tribeca’. A new logo and visual identity system was created to support the new brand platform, a contemporary and unconventional design for the category, creating strong differentiation and stand out.