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University of Tasmania

Catapulting minds

The task

We were commissioned to undertake a review of the university’s brand with a view to signalling their new strategy, from local university to Australia’s 10th largest university.

The insight

Their brand identity did not help them stand out nor did it communicate their unique characteristics and it was not consistent across their faculties and institutes. They also had a naming issue. Their logo identified them as UTAS, which was well known locally but had minimal recognition elsewhere within Australia or overseas. Their three institutes had varying ways of identifying with the university and collectively they did not reflect the true strengths of the university. We created a new brand idea of challenging thinkers to drive their brand communications and brand experience.

The solution

We recommended they drop the acronym UTAS and reinstate the full name, University of Tasmania, which is now used in all communications. We restructured their brand architecture so that all Institutes, Faculties, schools and projects clearly communicated their direct relationship with the University, ensuring that the University gets full recognition for all the work being conducted in its name. The identity clearly communicates their brand idea of Challenging Thinkers. It is dramatic, bold and completely differentiates them from all other Universities, nationally and internationally. The new brand identity and look and feel was launched in May 2014.