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Tom Brigstocke
Tom gets goosebumps from Elgar. Born in the USA. Contends we have an apostrophe surplus. Used to play the trombone. Owns a Triumph 900 (his guilty pleasure). Dislikes tofu, likes steak tartare. Loves reading his favourite childhood books (to his children).

Wayde Bull
Wayde has a collection of Tintin comics in mint condition. Is a sucker for new software, historic novels and West Wing repeats.

Simon Wright
Simon loves nuts in ice cream, Duran Duran and William Shatner. Is very enthusiastic. ‘Keep it simple’ is his most used saying. Is rumoured to be sponsored by Paul Smith. Loves Aston Villa and of course his three small monsters.

Sandy Belford
Sandy enjoys singing at the piano, Rufus Wainwright and canasta. Collects pens, compulsively. Prefers his tea in a pot, thank you.

Melissa Dale
Melissa Dale, our General Manager, Melbourne, is addicted to chai tea, once met Mikhail Baryshnikov, bakes a wicked chocolate chip cookie, prefers to call them horrorscopes, loves kids’ questions and paintings, dances when no-one is watching, can’t stomach bananas.

Tim Riches
Tim Riches is a group strategy director, a pickle lover, sometime pickler and occasional smoker. Finds Zomato an invaluable antidote to restaurant indecision. He’s a small time gardener with a thing for bonsai and terrariums and a believer in the predictive power of science fiction.

Hamish Cargill
Hamish still struggles to correctly use ‘affect’ and ‘effect’. Has been a snow reporter. And a stuntman. Once woke to a member of the royal family jumping on his bed. Rode eventing horses professionally for 6 years. And still plans to compete at the Olympics.

Darren Swain
Darren has trouble sitting still. Regularly cleans light switches and electrical cables. Will do anything for a back scratch.

Tui Horo
Tui used to race off-road rally cars (holding the map, not the wheel). Is a closet gaming nerd at home (competing with like-minded souls nationally). Dreams of undertaking her own Grand Designs project. Loves her two dogs (will show photos).

Martin Hopkins
Martin was once strangled by Darth Vader. He fears leaving the house in mismatched shoes. He’s got a twin brother back in Essex. He once scaled six mountains in three days. Can sometimes be found photographing empty streets. And he occasionally dines on Thai food for breakfast.

Aimee Crowley
Aimee could never be vegetarian. She believes anything can be food for breakfast. Especially curry.

Claire Gallagher
Claire loves surprises (mostly), talking, Ireland and being a mum. Has a fear of fish. Danced with Salman Rushdie to ‘I Will Survive’.

Josh Sobel
Josh never forgets a face. He can fall asleep (almost) anywhere. He’s spent time living in both the US and France. He’s often found in a good pair of sneakers. Loves early morning starts. And is always happy with a good playlist and a good workout

Kay Chrystal-Lord
Kay loves the beach but hates sand. And sharks. Is addicted to YouTube. Wants to climb Kilimanjaro. And found the most terrifying part of bungee jumping was having her weight displayed on her hand for everyone to see.

Dean Varndell
Dean is not a big fan of the courgette. Admires the aesthetics of numbers. Was a DJ in a past life. Has a weakness for treacle.

Andrew Thompson
Andrew once walked nearly three kilometres carrying 30kg above his head in the name of art. Is an avid collector of historic artefacts. His oldest item is 4.6 billion years old. Has busted Banksy in action. But won’t tell you who he is.

Jane Spalding
Jane can often be found exploring Sydney underwater. She once woke up with a zebra at the bottom of her bed. A real one. She likes spotting yellow boxfish. She’s half Polish. And she loves haloumi cheese. Especially on the BBQ.

James Welch
James dances like a Daft Punk. Runs the odd marathon for charity. Wants to surf. But is petrified of sharks. Is half American. The other half is English. Hates Donald Trump. Has the pins to prove it. And he never takes himself too seriously.

Vanessa Meaker
Vanessa has a fascination for maps. Lived in the Middle East. Is an avid movie buff. Is an avid Buffy buff. Is a self-confessed beer snob. Had foot surgery in France. Saw Neil Young perform in Denmark. Skol!

Daylan Pearce
Daylan is a digital strategist who once aspired to be a Ninja Turtle. He likes using tech to turn cool ideas into real life experiences. And used to make cartoons for a living.

Christina Stone
Christina is fascinated by fish (dead or alive). Is half Danish. Finds sprouts make her yawn. Was run over by a horse (but loves them)

Hayden Mathys
Hayden gets extremely frustrated if he doesn’t play football once a week. Had dreadlocks for 16 years. Loves cooking (signature dish is Thai green curry).

Lucy Calder
Lucy hails from bonny wee Scotland. Where she was a Girl Guider. She owns over 100 cookbooks. Loves spicy food. Making lists. And casually slipping quotes from The Breakfast Club into conversation. If she gets up, we’ll all get up… it’ll be anarchy!

David Cunningham
David enjoys taking things apart and putting them back together. Used to be a games tester. Plays a number of musical instruments and has played live on BBC Radio 1.

Yolanda Koning
Yolanda is a Kiwi with Dutch parents. She still says chilly bin. And jandals. She goes a little crazy on Sake. Knocks over a glass of water daily. And once wore two different shoes to work. (It was an accident).

Mat Hyde
Mat's signature dance move is ‘the pony’. He once owned a yellow ’79 Corolla called the ‘Butter Box’. Could start it with a paddlepop stick. He’s lived and adventured overseas. He once ate ‘Cuy’ (Guinea Pig). And swam with a croc. He was born and bred in the country. And he thinks happiness is a choice.

Michelle MacCreadie
Michelle saw the Sahara in style. Sitting atop a camel. She has a small library of interior design magazines. Loves antique treasures. And trash TV. She’ll pause to photograph a flower. And has held The Ashes trophy more times than most Australian Test cricketers. Once.

Emil Makkar
Emil plays a mean game of tennis. Has been known to cry during movies.

Andie Anquillano
Andie secretly dislikes going to art galleries. But loves surrealism. She’s happy watching Pixar films on repeat. She’s always got a good idea for an app. She can’t stand celery. Or public transport. And she’s slowly kayaking her way through her fear of the ocean.

Annabelle Overton
Annabelle has double-jointed shoulders. And pokes her tongue out when she concentrates. She collects vintage t-shirts. But never wears them. It’s not really her style. But eating pizza is. And she’d love to do it competitively one day. If only for the free pizza.

Mike Thebridge
Mike likes exploring faraway places. Once travelled across three countries in one day. On a bus. Has offered his voice to a number of radio commercials. Is a big fan of anything with extra cheese. Pop songs included.

Amy Cameron
Amy loves coffee more than most people love their mums. She also loves live theatre. Just not as much as coffee. She’s very proud of her moonwalk. And hates every single thing about bananas. Mostly the smell. And the colour. And the taste.

James Schloeffel
James has a degree in Economics, managed the marketing team at an international travel company, and was once responsible for determining the optimum shelf position for Barbie dolls. Not the classic path to copywriting. But he’s always had a way with words.

Donna Reynolds
Donna has a degree in ceramics, and a bookshelf full of shoes. Can stand on her head for three minutes. But is still learning how to whistle. Once found herself stuck in Milan for two days. Her credit card’s still recovering.

Russell Evans
Russell is a Group Financial Controller who’s a dedicated fan of the Sydney Swans. And Geordie Shore. Has been surfing for 10 years. Is still learning. Would love to have a single malt with Warren Buffett. Not so much Jeffery Skilling.

Carolina Relander
Carolina speaks Swedish. With a Finnish accent. She rides horses. And bikes. She loves picking cherries. Can’t go past a good documentary. And will always have a place in her heart for Pippi Langstrump. (That’s Swedish for Pippi Longstocking.)

Jamie Cullen
Jamie is a digital designer who hails from a small island off the coast of France. Worked on a farm for four months. Loved every minute of it. Is a self-confessed revhead who has been to the Monaco Grand Prix. Miraculously managed to stay off the track.

Lucy Baldwin
Lucy loves to move. In her spare time she runs, cycles, practices yoga and contemplates doing a triathlon. She has a weakness for red wine, cheese, and the outdoors. In that order.

Debbie Spence

Debbie Spence
Debbie has successfully navigated the frenetic streets of Taipei on a 125 scooter. Should never be left alone with good cheese or Scotch. But thinks pineapple on pizza is an abomination.

Sam Baines
Sam is a designer whose best friend is a dog named Theosaurus. He can’t drive a car. And isn’t confident in his bike-riding abilities. He loves coffee. And chicken nibbles. He’s an avid collector/assembler of Star Wars Lego sets. And plans to live off their proceeds when he retires.

Min Shim
Min was born in Seoul, South Korea. But has already lived or worked in 5 countries. Here in Melbourne, she enjoys eating brunch. And cake. Especially chocolate mousse cake. She likes yoga too. And right now, is trying to master the side crow.

Jhon Riano
John is a Motion Graphic Designer who never says no to a cold beer. Loves to escape to the skate park. But is still prone to a fall every now and then. He can’t live without music. He truly believes we’re not alone in the universe. And would love to share a pizza with an alien one day.

Bridget Ashley
Bridget likes to smile. And ask questions. She hates making plans. But loves doing things. Has a penchant for Sudoku. And wearing stripes. Finds herself getting zen to hip-hop and rap. And will always remember your name.

Allister Eather
Allister doesn’t care much for hot days. He dreams of moving to Alaska. Wouldn’t mind becoming a wildlife photographer. Or an oil painter. But for now he’s happy writing and playing music. And eating Milka chocolate.

Kelly Huglin
Kelly is a diehard Geelong supporter. Watches action films with her Nana. Once drove to Hanging Rock for a Bruce Springsteen concert. She loves bircher muesli. And trashy ‘reality’ shows. But draws the line at the Kardashians.

Marine Piersotte
Marine is obsessed with street art and travelling. She has an irrational fear of E.T. She grew up dancing in Belgium. Has mastered the art of lucid dreaming. Wishes she lived in the disco era. She speaks five languages (three fluently). And she once worked as a translator on a kids news TV show.

Charlie Rose
Charlie can’t say no to karaoke. Or liquorice. He once acted in a Colombian soap opera. Called ‘Bad Girls’. He’s ridden a bike across Argentina. Plans to hike on every continent with his wife. And loves sci-fi and fantasy. Unashamedly.

Lydia Boylan
Lydia loves to host dinner parties. Will squash you at scrabble. And pummel you in a PT session. Has dreams of tending to an organic vineyard. But struggles to keep a herb in good health. Left her childhood village in the North York Moors. But a love of the seaside never left her.

Cam Gilmour
Cam repeated kindergarten. Mostly to ace those ABCs. Found himself in a band for his first job. A real one. That toured. He’s most content when he’s surrounded by nature. Speaks French. And you’ll usually find him recycling anything not bolted to the ground.

Ruth Chapman

Ruth Chapman
Ruth came to Australia for the sunshine. And to escape the slugs in the UK. She loves long-distance running. Has already smashed the London and Loch Ness marathons. And her next step is the Great Wall of China. After that? Winning an eating competition.

Nick Ryan
Nick is a writer who dreams of living in a tiny house one day. Despite the fact he’s 6’3”. Once rode a brakeless bike around Portugal. Wearing shorts and jandals. (Thongs). He has an irrational fear of glitter. Once ran for his life from a charging Bison. And still believes he broke Usain Bolt’s 100m world record that day.

Kristen Cetrulo
Kristen secretly loves putting IKEA furniture together. She invents a new business idea daily. And has lost count of how many DIY projects she’s started. She’s terrible at ironing. But once steamed Eric Clapton’s shirt.

Shelley Brownbridge
Shelley loves 90’s hip-hop more than most people. She’s gifted at opening champagne bottles. Can’t cook to save her life. But can bake a mean cake. Can be heard talking about her love of ‘great’ television. Mostly watches One Tree Hill reruns. One day she plans to finish writing that kids book.

Dane Collins
Dane doesn’t tan well. Burns to a crisp in 5 minutes flat. But thinks his red hair gives him a high threshold for pain. He’s obsessed by stuff made from stainless steel. Avoids olives. And thinks life’s not worth living without soccer.

Dee Morabi
Dee loves chocolate. And her two pet cockatiels. Can’t stand cockroaches. But otherwise lives life on the edge. She once jumped out of a plane to conquer her fear of heights. Swims with sharks. Scuba dives. And goes rafting. But you can forget about bungee jumping.

Emily Jones
Emily is happiest when hiking for days. Then sleeping under the stars. Which could explain why she believes in the power of sequins. She’s fascinated by people’s stories. Is obsessed with desert island discs. Loves Iris Apfel’s ‘more-is-more’ attitude. And can’t be trusted with a microphone.

Susan Austin
Susan doubles as a cookbook author. Once cooked Sang Chow Bow with Kerri-Anne Kennerley. Lived in Singapore.