Brand Strategy.

Strategic insights

At heart, we answer some very basic questions.  What do we want your brand to stand for in the minds of your audience? What drives your customers’ behaviour?  And on what basis are you going to stand out? What do you need to change to have a more compelling story and a stronger market presence?

Brand framework

Strong brands have a framework that underpins their point of difference. What is the brand’s purpose? What are our values? How does our brand speak to the world?  And what is the brand idea that, more than anything, drives what we do. Your brand framework points the way to consistency of customer experience.  It tells everyone what to do to bring your brand to life.

Brand proposition and positioning

Your proposition describes what you offer and what you bring to the market. It identifies the needs you answer for your customers, emotional and functional. And it should be big, compelling and, most of all, defendable. Once you have that, you have a basis for a distinctive position in the market.

Brand architecture

The faceless parent organisation no longer exists. We all want to know who owns what and who is behind the brands we know and love. And what they stand for.

Brand architecture presents your structure so that you are easy to understand. As importantly, it specifies which parts of your structure (product brands, sub brands, service lines…) you want to people to see value in and feel loyal to. It’s about what you invest your marketing dollars in.

Think global, feel local.

Through characterful and warm photography, we captured real life to help localise the Hyundai Global identity for the Australian market.

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