Visual Identity & Voice.

Visual identity

Powerful brand identities help get brands recognised.

They deliver impact and help people to remember who you are and what you do. Your logo, your approach to typography, colour and imagery combine together to tell your story. Brand identity really comes into its own when it reflects your culture and sets your brand apart from your competitors.

We help define and create some of Australia and New Zealand’s most iconic brands.

Brand voice

A brand’s colours, logos and imagery grab the attention. But it’s your words that have the ability to create lasting connections – and are among the most underused assets brand owners have.

From a framework of brand strategy and audience insights, we shape your brand voice using our proprietary tools. We then bring it to life with examples that cover narrative, scripts, web content, social media and just about anything else you can create using 26 letters.

You can learn more about our dedicated brand voice studio XXVI by jumping over here.

Putting power in the hands of our people.

The new logo is inspired by the imagery of an outstretched hand, with the fingers representing the diverse forms of energy AGL offers. It’s bright and warm – and comes to life in digital channels.

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