Not long ago, there was a clear rite of passage for talented Western Australians. To gain world-class experience working with big brands on big projects – which didn’t require a high-vis vest – you had to hop on a plane overseas, or, at least, head east.

But now that’s no longer the case. Today, we work here and deliver there.

This has been my reality for the past year. Just before Covid hit, I moved my family from Perth to Melbourne to launch Alphalab at strategic design and brand agency Principals. After enduring months of lockdown, 18 months later, we moved back. And we haven’t looked back.

Work from home has evolved into work from anywhere – which offers a huge opportunity for talent in WA. What may seem on the surface like a fad is the convergence of three or four smaller shifts, each of which has been accelerating.

To help understand these shifts, it’s worth noting that they align neatly with the classic four Ps of the marketing mix.

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Dan Bradley is Director of AlphaLab at Principals, building brands through service design and experience innovation.

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