Your day, your way.

Creating a better experience and smarter choice to commuting.

Transurban is an Australian based toll road developer and operator with projects across Australia and North America. We were briefed to create an identity and brand experience principles for their network of toll roads within the Washington DC area.

We undertook contextual research to understand the mindset of the Washington DC commuter by riding alongside them during their daily commute. We met with dozens of taxi drivers, Uber drivers and ‘sluggers’ to gain quantitative insights into what drove people to take the Express Lanes or wait hours in congested traffic.

The insight was that commuters instantly felt they’d made a smarter choice by taking the lanes – watching the traffic fly by as they sometimes shaved hours off their commute time. For some people, it was the difference between seeing their kid score the winning goal at a soccer game. For others it was simply getting more time back in their day to do the things that mattered.

The core identity subverts expectations around what a toll operator traditionally looks and talks like, it’s friendly, vibrant and has loads of personality. The logo and system are based on the idea of connecting customers with what matters to them most, using the ‘connection device’ through the logo and visual system to highlight those moments in life that matter and the value that using the Express Lanes can bring to their lives. The photography and language really reinforce this idea – a brand that makes people feel they’ve made a smarter decision for choosing it.