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Believing in our customers

From the logo

In 2005 we developed a new brand identity built around ‘nab’ that makes the star contemporary and friendly. We rebranded 55 stores in 6 weeks. The brand identity was the national winner of the Australian Marketing Institute’s Brand Revitalisation Award in 2007.

To the retail brand

We have been on a journey with NAB that has involved a continual evolution of the identity system over a number of years, 2006, 2008, 2011 to 2016.

We’ve seen the brand evolve from the National Australia Bank, to breaking up with the other banks, to the current brand which is passionately committed to proving that life is about more than money.

More than Money

A changing social and economic landscape and a particular focus on winning by delivering a great customer experience presented a new opportunity for NAB to refresh its story and brand positioning. The underlying insight was around a mood of uncertainty: customers don’t feel supported or recognized by banks – there was an opportunity to have a more human touch in an increasingly digitized world.

NAB wanted to stand for more than money. So we refreshed the brand identity, keeping the strong, bold positive elements such as colour and tone of voice, but making it feel warmer and more human.

We created an identity that reinforced the bank’s strengths – its strong relationships, empathy and understanding of customer needs. The new identity has a strong focus on photography and we have introduced different visual treatments to ensure the photography has a look that is unique to NAB. We’ve implemented these changes while maintaining the strong tone of voice that the brand has been using for several years.