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The task

Xref is a six year old start up.
They brought an entirely new proposition to the recruitment market – automated reference checking – which has saved clients valuable time and made more efficient an important but at times difficult part of the recruitment process.

The insight

They had grown from a start up to a major player in numerous global markets and their next stage of growth depended on their having a more compelling and distinctive communications strategy. They had to shift from a supplier of interesting tactical solutions to a company that provides intuitive and actionable insights that help clients make confident and smarter decisions.

The solution

Everything about Xref comes back to simplicity. The clarity of their highly driven culture. The simplicity of their offer. Its ease of use. And their love of simplicity (Love. Simplicity) became the driving idea of their new visual identity. It’s fresh. It builds on their existing identity and projects Xref as a much more confident leader in the sector. The new identity was launched in June 2017.

Lee-Martin Seymour, co-founder and CEO of Xref, said: “The process was, like us, simple and effective. Principals got right to the heart of what we’re about – and then created a brand identity that ‘is’ us. It’s bright, simple and it works.”