Putting power in the hands of people.

For AGL, leadership is about responding to change and embracing the future.

AGL wants to reshape the future of energy for Australians. As part of that journey, they’re refocusing their attention on the needs of customers.

We created a new identity, look and feel to help AGL celebrate their new role in Australia.

The new logo is inspired by the imagery of an outstretched hand, with the fingers representing the diverse forms of energy AGL offers. It’s bright and warm – and comes to life in digital channels.

AGL’s future is all about putting power into the hands of the people. And they’re using a new brand voice to start the conversation. It’s casual yet straightforward, light hearted when it’s appropriate, with a touch of Aussie charm for good measure.

It all comes together in their new advertising campaign, where they pose the question: ‘Are you with us?’

New ways to inspire culture change.

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