Irrelevant. Dishonest. One in a million. Ingenuine. There are lots of reasons for a brand to fall from grace. Stay in the game long enough, and chances are your brand will experience success in waves – the highs and lows of existing on the public radar.

With internal and external forces at play, it’s not always possible to predict or avoid the lows. And if you do find your way to the top, it probably won’t be forever (unless you’re IKEA!) Understanding the lifecycle of brand success is key to riding the waves and coming back from a dip. In this podcast, we track the cycle to help your brand move through these inevitable obstacles with purpose.

Moensie Rossier (Strategy Director at Principals) joins Hamish Cargill (Director at XXVI) to share insights that can help your brand strategise for longevity. They talk about how achieving (or re-achieving) success involves reflecting on your current position, and looking closely at what your brand has to offer right now – as well as being honest about what’s lacking or missing the mark. Once you know what’s really going on, you can address issues, realign to your purpose, and find opportunities for your brand to shine. From there, it’s all about communications to ignite your brand in the market.

Whatever lies ahead for your brand, whether it’s a crisis of trust, a compromised reputation or a slow fade into the background, there’s always a way back from the fall.



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