The suggestion Gen Z is too entitled or lazy to bother coming into the office is bunkum. Instead of blaming the young for changes in how we work, let’s show them kindness. Who knows, we may find a better way for all of us to work together. Claire Gallagher explains.

In a column for the Telegraph, Matthew Lynn lamented that “a culture of industry and hard work that has taken centuries to create is being trashed before our very eyes”.

This shift, Lynn believes, is being led by Gen Z, who he describes as having a “sense of pure entitlement, mixed in with a dash of idleness”.

Commentary like this feeds into stereotypes about Gen Z, a generation often lazily described as tech-obsessed, too sensitive and poor communicators.

We can – and should – do better.

Read the full article on HR Leader.

Claire Gallagher is Employer Brand Director at Principals

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