One team. Multiple studios.

We started business in 1995. Since then, we’ve grown and expanded, organically and by acquisition, from our origins in brand strategy consulting to brand identity, brand voice and brand experience.

We have been trusted by some of Australia’s largest institutions in the fields of corporate, government, professional services, education and not-for-profit.

We tackle the big branding issues of our times and create brands that are distinctive, genuine, desired and socially engaged. We have been recognised regularly for the last eight years with awards at the international REBRAND™ Awards.

We are now the most rewarded agency in Asia Pacific. It’s something we’re extremely proud of.

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Tom Brigstocke

Group CEO

Tom’s weekend relaxations include chopping wood and looking after cattle. He gets goosebumps from Elgar. Born in the USA. Still owns a Triumph 900 (his guilty pleasure). Dislikes tofu, likes steak tartare. And contends we have an apostrophe surplus.

Wayde Bull

Planning Director

Wayde worked on Margaret Thatcher’s re-election campaign (in short trousers). Has a collection of TinTin comics in mint condition. Runs long distances when his knees agree. Is a sucker for new apps, a good historic novel and West Wing repeats.

Simon Wright

Executive Creative Director

Simon believes brand ideas can change the world, try and tell him otherwise. He loves simplicity, Star Trek, Duran Duran and Aston Villa. Communicate, communicate, communicate is his most used saying. He is rumoured to be sponsored by Paul Smith. And he once spent an afternoon in the Arizona desert in a Jacuzzi drinking beer with Boris Becker.

Tim Riches

Group Strategy Director

Tim is a pickle lover, sometime pickler and occasional smoker. Finds Zomato an invaluable antidote to restaurant indecision. He’s a small time gardener with a thing for bonsai and terrariums and a believer in the predictive power of science fiction.

Hamish Cargill

Director, Brand Voice

Hamish still struggles to correctly use ‘affect’ and ‘effect’. Has been a snow reporter. And a stuntman. Once woke to a member of the royal family jumping on his bed. Rode eventing horses professionally for 6 years. And still plans to compete at the Olympics.

Tui Horo

Group Operations Director

Tui used to race off-road rally cars (holding the map, not the wheel). Is a closet gaming nerd at home (competing with like-minded souls nationally). Dream of undertaking her own Grand Designs project. Loves her two dogs (will show photos).

Steve Main

General Manager (New Zealand)

Steve is a general manager who could double as a NZ travel guide. Rides his bike to work and crusades for four meals in a day. Spoke Japanese once.

Dan Bradley

Director of Experience Design

Dan is married to a mermaid and related to Chopin. Has swum in underground lakes, climbed an active volcano at night and got lost in a storm kayaking between Thai islands. Knows three types of martial arts and has three sons to keep him on his toes.

Mary Winter

Insights Director

Mary likes crocheting, spinning wool and having early morning coffee by the sea with retired farmers. A nature lover, she’ll gladly spend hours spying Goshawks above treetops and deeply envies a friend’s critically endangered species of black swamp gum. But let’s keep that between us.

Aimee Coleman
Aimee Coleman

Business Director

Aimee wrote and self-published a novel. Her mum thinks it’s the best thing ever, but also thinks Aimee has the voice of an angel. She doesn’t. But she does have a black belt in karate. She once wrote in a bio like this that she could never be vegetarian. But now she is. Funny that.

Moensie Rossier

Strategy Director

Moensie is an introverted extrovert with a loud wardrobe. Terrible at disclosing personal information, she loves talking about ideas. Thinks she’s learned as much from fiction as business books. And her name? It’s easy to say if you happen to speak Dutch or Afrikaans.

Claire Gallagher

Internal Brand Director

Claire loves suprises (mostly), talking, Ireland and being a mum. Has a fear of fish. Danced with Salman Rushdie to ‘I Will Survive’.

Martin Hopkins

Creative Director

Martin was once strangled by Darth Vader. He fears leaving the house in mismatched shoes. He’s got a twin brother back in Essex. He once scaled six mountains in three days. Can sometimes be found photographing empty streets. And he occasionally dines on Thai food for breakfast.

Mat Hyde

Head of Account Management

Mat's signature dance move is ‘the pony’. He once owned a yellow ’79 Corolla called the ‘Butter Box’. Could start it with a paddlepop stick. He’s lived and adventured overseas. He once ate ‘Cuy’ (Guinea Pig). And swam with a croc. He was born and bred in the country. And he thinks happiness is a choice.

Renée Stekel

Business Director

Renee loves the ocean. And never regrets getting up for a sunrise. She’s most alive when exploring new places. Which partly explains 14 moves in the past decade. Keep cup in hand, she’s all about protecting the environment. And autumn is her favourite season for obvious reasons – the fashion.

Rachel Terkelsen

Creative Director

Rachel cannot sing. Not one note. In fact, just the mention of karaoke makes parts of her body shake that shouldn’t. As does Melbourne’s weather. Local here for 40 years, she’s still waiting to acclimatise thanks to a sunny upbringing spent in Brissy. In the meantime, she’s keeping warm with a trusty foot heater, a few competitive runs here and there, and a scotch or four.

Rhiannon Folpp

Design Director

Rhiannon was delivered by her Dad. Will eat pizza any time of day. And once served wine to Judy Dench and Helen Mirren at the Baftas. She loves music. Dogs. And being asked for ID.

Cera O’Grady

Account Director

Cera is a trained chef with her own kitchen nightmares – getting first degree chilli burns and spilling red wine all over Nick Cave. In front of Kylie Minogue. Ouch. Never one to shy away from danger, she surrounds herself with cats despite being allergic. Loves fiery volcanoes. And fiery food.

Andrew Thompson

Design Director

Andrew once walked nearly three kilometres carrying 30kg above his head in the name of art. Is an avid collector of historic artefacts. His oldest item is 4.6 billion years old. Has busted Banksy in action. But won’t tell you who he is.

Dean Varndell

Head of Motion Graphics

Dean is not a big fan of the courgette. Admires the aesthetics of numbers. Was a DJ in a past life. Has a weakness for treacle.

Darren Swain

Design Director

Darren has trouble sitting still. Regularly cleans light switches and electrical cables. Will do anything for a back scratch.

Charlie Rose
Charlie Rose

Associate Strategy Director

Charlie once acted in a Colombian soap opera called ‘Bad Girls’. He's an Essendon football tragic, who can’t say no to liquorice. He’s ridden a bike across Argentina. And loves sci-fi and fantasy. Unashamedly.

Kristen Cetrulo

Senior Studio Manager, Brand Voice

Kristen secretly loves putting IKEA furniture together. She invents a new business idea daily. And has lost count of how many DIY projects she’s started. She’s terrible at ironing. But once steamed Eric Clapton’s shirt.

Gareth Joe
Gareth Joe

Senior Strategy Consultant

Gareth Joe is a senior strategy consultant who’s pretty sure we’re living in some kind of simulation. Probably explains how he worked for Wu-Tang. He dreams of going to Mars and believes white sneakers makes you look fast. Because they do.

Jordan Demetriou


Jordan is a Designer with a strange connection to numbers. She’s a triplet who’s known to break three bones at a time and once memorised the first 100 decimals of Pi just because. She loves crime podcasts – particularly about cult leaders – and heavy metal. And although a former cheerleader, the only move she does these days is the worm. But only after a whisky (or two).

James Welch

Design Director

James feels like a father of 10. (Is only a father of three.) He runs marathons for charity. Wants to surf. Won’t, because: sharks. He’s half American. Half English. And entirely incapable of taking himself too seriously.

Carly Holland

Account Director

Carly moved to Australia in search of the sun and is an avid foodie. Although is yet to find a Sunday roast up to her London standards. She enjoys reformer Pilates, hot yoga and never setting foot in a traditional gym. Has an overly affectionate French Bulldog named Delboy, who is passionate about the Melbourne office bins.

Natalie Kules

Finance Director

Music plays a big part in Natalie’s life. So does her big family. She’s writing 20 songs all at once (one for each family member?), but right now she’s singing the praises of her new Keto lifestyle.

Hayden Mathys

Motion Graphics Designer

Hayden gets extremely frustrated if he doesn’t play football once a week. Had dreadlocks for 16 years. Loves cooking (signature dish is Thai green curry).

Gemma Harben

Studio & Production Manager

When she’s not mashing up the dancefloor, Gemma can be found mashing potatoes. Vegan gotta eat. A loud laugher and small sneezer, she sometimes makes plans to plan for the Apocalypse. Or, when she’s feeling more hopeful about humanity, studies Japanese. Current favourite word: Irusu. Pretending to be out when someone knocks on your door.

Yolanda Koning

Design Director

Yolanda is a Kiwi with Dutch parents. She still says chilly bin. And jandals. She goes a little crazy on Sake. Knocks over a glass of water daily. And once wore two different shoes to work. (It was an accident).

Jemma Barry

Account Manager

Jemma, (with a ‘J’, of course) is sceptical about star signs. She’s also the most virgo-ish virgo you’ll ever meet. She loves iced lattes, greyhounds and reality TV. She won’t so much as touch an avocado unless it’s in guacamole.

Tamara Hain

Account Director

Tamara would rather be cooked for than cook. Totally fair. A mover not a sitter, nature’s her calling card. And natural fabrics. Warm things over cold too. When she’s not seeing live music, you’ll find her lovingly admiring her vinyl collection. She’ll get that record player one day.

Bronwyn Hopkins

Senior Account Manager

Bronwyn has no tolerance for olives or raw fish. But she does have an extremely high tolerance for sleep-ins. And also for coffee. She lived and worked in Canada for four years. Lost a rental snowboard at the top of a mountain there (Oops).

Elmira Gaynullina

Insight Consultant

A lover of nature, Elmira can be found waiting for flowers to blossom, bees to buzz by and snowflakes to form. (That’s what you get from someone who believes that if we resist change, we resist life.) When she’s not outdoors, she’s renovating furniture, admiring Wes Anderson and Almodóvar’s use of colour or possibly challenging you to a dance off.

Dee Mason

Senior UX Consultant

Dee once worked on a billionaire’s private yacht. Conversely, she’s also lived in a tent. Lover of design in every form, whether it’s art, architecture or UX. Has a son and boy-girl twins who make handy focus groups (with ever-changing demands). Claims to be a terrible dancer, and no amount of coffee seems to help.

Simon Ly

Digital Production Lead

Simon spends most of his free time with either a fishing rod or a racquet in hand (badminton, tennis, he’s not fussy). Self-confessed branding nerd and regular old gaming nerd. He was a stylist in a previous life and still has dreams of working for GQ, complete with his own fragrance line.

Lisa Wilson

Senior Writer

Lisa wasn’t allowed to eat sugar or watch TV as a child, but has made up for it ever since. Loves animals and once owned eleven Dalmations. Has now scaled back to one ninja-like Chihuahua. Wants to exhibit at the Chelsea Flower Show but so far has only managed to grow some beautifully healthy weeds.

Jean O'Sullivan

Senior Designer

Jean has an unhealthy interest in American politics. And puns. She loves garlic and bright clothes. Hates olives and horror movies. Thinks her toddler son is the toughest negotiator she’s ever met. And vows never to watch Edward Scissorhands again (too many nightmares). She’ll challenge anyone to a burpee-off.

Nick Ryan

Senior Writer

Nick is a writer who dreams of living in a tiny house one day, despite being 6’3". Once rode a brakeless bike around Portugal, wearing shorts and jandals. He has many passions outside of writing - including cryptozoology, 80s Rub-A-Dub, swimming in rivers, bioluminescence, wood fires, Spanish nights, and comfortable chairs.

Ben Williams

Creative Artworker

Ben once lived in a house full of monkeys. Voluntarily. And hitched a ride down the Amazon on a cargo boat, just because he could. A big fan of British comedy, lesser fan of people who prefer The Office US. He’s very good at memorising useless facts. Which is very useful at trivia nights.

Hollie Johnson

Business Development Executive

Hollie didn’t grow up on a farm, but spent her childhood surrounded by every kind of animal. She only eats pineapple on pizza and understands just how controversial that is. Dreams of catching the Aurora Borealis one day. Spent six months crafting replica Skyrim weapons – ready to defend against her pineapple choices.

Marty Zablocki


Marty likes all kinds of music, but not all music. He once started a French rock band called The Escargo-go’s that sadly didn’t go on to global domination – crushing his rock star dreams. Cooking makes him happy. Especially when narrating his own cooking show (to himself). Although he trained as a designer, nowadays he prefers pushing words around, not pantones.

Simon Gross

Senior Writer

Simon likes the way a blank page listens. Finds supermarkets grounding. Always grabs the third pack from the front. Created an entirely new category of moving product. Has moved house 40 times. Loves the life-dampening density of a library and finds the immutability of a book reassuring.

Holly Gemell

Office Coordinator

Holly’s a twin whose last name means twin – in Italian. She’s not Italian. But she is a vegetarian. With a cat named Edamame. She was named ‘Most Competitive’ at her year 10 formal, and is still in it to win it. Whatever ‘it’ is.

Dane Collins

Creative Artworker

Dane doesn’t tan well. Burns to a crisp in 5 minutes flat. But thinks his red hair gives him a high threshold for pain. He’s obsessed by stuff made from stainless steel. Avoids olives. And thinks life’s not worth living without soccer.

Paris Coote

Account Executive

Paris had a little lamb as a child. Which doesn’t explain why she’s now terrified of cotton wool. A bit of a magpie, she once found a 2gram nugget of gold. Loves antique jewellery. And always has time for a shiny Jamie Oliver cookbook – so long as the recipe doesn’t call for mutton.

Natasha Ramkissoon

Employer Brand Consultant

Natasha’s natural defence when terrified is to fall asleep. Hates seafood, though regularly orders a Filet-O-Fish from McDonalds (no, it doesn’t count). She fantasises about going to space one day but would settle for reincarnation as a dolphin. Claims to love dalmatians despite her favourite villain being Cruella de Vil.

Alex Moore

Senior Writer

Alex’s entire personality can be found in his luscious beard, loud shirts, dependability on filter coffee, and desire to sneak a wee bit of irreverence into important things like application forms, surveys, and bios. Which makes sense, given his steady diet of Monty Python as a child. He was big in a little part of Japan, for a day. Made a career out of making up Scottish history during his stint as a tour guide in Edinburgh. And he finds delight in dappled sunshine beneath large trees in grassy parks.

Kristan Nair

Studio Manager, Brand Voice

Kristan’s a Canadian from Hollywood North (Toronto) so it only makes sense that she’s a film buff. Her love for horror movies inspires her love for painting ­– but feels most passionate about putting ketchup on absolutely everything. A regular at Comic-Con, she collects 90s X-Men comics. Her kryptonite? RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Sam O'Brien

Senior Creative Artworker

Sam was once held hostage in Sumatra by an orangutan. Worked as a pirate DJ. And got told he looked hungry by Amy Winehouse in a London pub. Hates wasabi – but is easily talked into trying it again. Wasabi, Sam?

Matt James


Matt’s a Kiwi who’ll never call jandals thongs. It’s just not right. And his twin brother back in Auckland agrees. Controversy aside, he loves a good crime doco. Can’t go a day without eating chicken. And has perfected the art of neglecting plants. But makes up for it by being a brilliant ear wiggler.

Ben Ashley


Ben is a human guinea pig who was donated to science as a baby. He was a zombie in a TV commercial and once sat inside an amplifier stack to keep it upright during a punk show. Likes snowboarding, except that time he lost his atop a mountain and had to walk down (slowly).

Niamh Slevin


Niamh, pronounced Neeve, has a name as Irish as they come. Something of a world traveller, she’s gazed up at the stars from the Sahara, and been blindsided by a blizzard in Canada. Loves yoga, guitar and baking chocolate chip cookies. And if she’s ever looking a little blue, don’t worry. Those are just the organic blueberries she regularly smooshes onto her face (anything for a youthful glow).

Min Shim


Min was born in Seoul, South Korea. But has already lived or worked in 5 countries. Here in Melbourne, she enjoys eating brunch. And cake. Especially chocolate mousse cake. She likes yoga too. And right now, is trying to master the side crow.

Yuri Loong

Office Project Manager

Yuri has her very own superpower: Synaesthesia. She can hear colours and her playlists sound like rainbows. She illustrates memes (just ask her about the one that went viral) and is publishing her second picture book, just for grown-ups. It’s no secret that she lives a colourful life. She even went to school next to a jungle.

Susan Austin


Susan doubles as a cookbook author. Once cooked Sang Chow Bow with Kerri-Anne Kennerley. Lived in Singapore.

Amy Cameron


Amy loves coffee more than most people love their mums. She also loves live theatre. Just not as much as coffee. She’s very proud of her moonwalk. And hates every single thing about bananas. Mostly the smell. And the colour. And the taste.

Carolina Relander

Senior Designer

Carolina speaks Swedish. With a Finnish accent. She rides horses. And bikes. She loves picking cherries. Can’t go past a good documentary. And will always have a place in her heart for Pippi Langstrump. (That’s Swedish for Pippi Longstocking.)

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