Brand marketers and consultants would be feeling vindicated and validated thanks to Gartner’s 2020-21 Annual CMO Spend Survey which ranks brand strategy as the most vital strategic capability for CMOs grappling with the new world order COVID has brought about.

From experience so far this year, this emphasis on brand strategy is all about the adaptation “unprecedented times” require of organisations; taking the opportunity a fluid environment offers to make positive change.

We’re seeing brands that think of themselves as challengers re-examining what exactly they’re challenging: yesterday’s problems and enemies might not be so motivating right now. It’s critical to dial-up trustworthy credentials, sharpen value propositions and be in touch with the shifting cultural landscape to maintain customer relevance.

Tim Riches explains why brand strategy is the tool businesses cannot do without as they work through the ongoing challenges of COVID-19. Read the full article on WARC.

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