From protector to proactive champion.

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is the state’s primary environmental regulator – partnering with organisations and communities to help protect our planet and people.

With a new CEO in place, they were ready to step up the ‘Authority’ in their name and explore what it means to be a world-class regulator. To transform not only how people engage with them (and the issues they stand for) – but influence behaviour beyond NSW’s borders.

With an existing look and feel that didn’t reflect their ambitious plans, it was time for a confident new identity. One trusted not only to participate in the conversations Australia needs to have – but initiate them.

We developed the brand idea, Naturally influential, to capture the EPA’s shift from a brand that informs, to one that wields influence and creates impact. The new identity reflects this confident stance. A modern and unique word mark, refreshed colour palette and more journalistic photographic style creates a commanding presence that’s ready to lead on environmental issues.