Here’s to the next hundred years.

Since 1921, IVE Group has delivered creative services, production and distribution, data communications and integrated marketing to clients.

With a reputation stretching a hundred years, it was important that IVE maintain their client focus through their rebrand. Principals were brought in to develop the end-user experience on their new website.

The goals were to allow users to see all services and sub-services/offerings easily and, achieve better SEO rankings across these services. Success relied on a user-friendly interface, and the tone and accuracy of the visual and textual content. The website also needed to be flexible and scalable enough for IVE Group to deploy digital marketing.

Through information architecture, wire-framing, modular design and high-level template design, we created a range of 14 templated looks that deliver a fresh, but consistent look. And as it’s built for their CMS, the website is a breeze for users and administrators.

As the foundation of the IVE rebrand, the new site has been well received by the team and is perfectly placed to fulfil their business objectives for years to come.