It’s often said we eat with our eyes – and that starts when we’re out doing the shopping. Produced by Costa, Australia’s leading grower, packer and marketer of fresh fruit and vegetables, Perino tomatoes were already popular with healthy snackers. But a lack of brand awareness made it more difficult to overcome shoppers’ auto-pilot mindset and limited category knowledge.

We worked closely with the Costa team to identify the greatest growth opportunities. Using customer engagement sessions we gained a deeper understanding of the emotional ties connecting to fresh produce and healthy snacking. Those insights helped us develop a stronger brand for Perino – drawing on its Australian-grown origins and one-of-a-kind, naturally sweeter flavour.

We created new brand story, key messages and brand identity that celebrate the brightness of the snack-sized tomato and help Perino stand out on the shop shelves. Keeping the identity simple means Perino can easily stretch to different audiences – feeling sophisticated when sharing recipes, and vibrant when parents are packing a healthy snack in their child’s lunchbox.