Act for humanity.

Over the years Australian Red Cross has grown to become one of the country’s most respected and admired organisations. But it was their own success that began to lead them astray.

As their services expanded, they began to lose focus, spreading their time and resources too thinly. By trying to help everyone, they moved away from their core purpose of tackling the most important and fundamental human issues.

We worked with Red Cross to bring them back to their roots – maximising their humanitarian impact through collective action. Building on the insight that what people do, when they contribute to causes that matter to them, is an expression of who they are, we created a strategy around the premise, we are what we do.

We created a design system that’s modern, raw and digital first. Swiss inspired and built around the most recognised emblem in the world – the red cross – it includes a typographic style, graphic devices, illustration style and human-focused photographic approach.

We updated the brand voice too, to support and encourage people to reflect and push themselves to do more, individually and collectively.

And we evolved their motto from ‘The Power of Humanity’ to ‘Act for Humanity’.

Together, these elements create a more active and empowering brand that directly support the ethos of the organisation.