An epic unfolding.

It all began thousands of years ago, when twenty-nine Aboriginal clan groups, from what we now describe as the Sydney metropolitan area, had a very deep, sustainable and harmonious relationship with their land.

Since then, Sydney has grown to a city of over 5 million people, with more than 30 million visitors arriving every year to take in our surf beaches, iconic Harbour Bridge, Opera House, and the beauty of our great natural harbour.

In more recent times the Bondi to Manly Walk Supporters team had a vision to link 80km of existing coastal and harbourside walking tracks and paths between Australia’s two most famous surf beaches, Bondi and Manly. Helping us all to better know the place we call home, and showcase it to the rest of the world…

We were asked to develop a brand platform, narrative and visual identity to launch the Bondi to Manly walk supporting the vision for it to become internationally recognised as the greatest city walk in the world.

The symbol of the walk, a series of footprints crossing over a whale, is taken from a trace of an actual indigenous wall painting that exists in a secret location on the Sydney foreshore. We were asked to reproduce it faithfully, as it is an inspiring artefact.