A full brand reboot.

From network configuration to desktop support, tech maintenance and data back-up, Geeks2U is a one-stop-shop for problematic tech in Australian households and businesses. As part of Officeworks, their team is savvy and enthusiastic – ready to find the solutions that help tech to work in an ever-evolving digital world.

While the on-site expertise they offer is hard to beat, their brand experience was lacking the same flair. It wasn’t nearly as visually engaging, verbally authentic or digitally intuitive as it could have been.

We came on board to help transform the Geeks2U brand – with a visual identity refresh, new tone of voice and online user experience upgrade. Working collaboratively, we were able to tap into the personal, proactive spirit of the Geeks2U brand and apply a visual identity and voice that was clear, confident and easily connected to the brand’s diverse customer base.

This was then applied to the Geeks2U site structure – ironing out the kinks in their user experience, streamlining the user interface design and uplifting their overall brand experience.

The result is a cohesive and appealing brand that’s well-equipped for the digital space – and a better reflection of Geeks2U’s exceptional service.