Australia’s favourite fruit.

As the nation’s largest (and best) fresh food producer, Costa decided to bring their winning formula to the fast growing avocado sector.

Working closely with the Costa marketing and management team we focused in on light/medium avocado buyers as the greatest growth opportunity. Our customer co-creation sessions were set up to gain a deeper understanding of the emotional ties connecting our target audience. What we found was that our opportunity lay in emphasising the excellence of the Costa product.

Our strategic brand territories inspired Lovacado. A name that captures the warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you take some time out to enjoy the food you love. There’s still an energy and modernity to the name (and a sly reference to the ‘avo’ vernacular), but ultimately this calls to the love-love bond consumers have with their avocados, in a short and punchy way. Our visual identity celebrates the pleasure and specialness of the avocado lifestyle.