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In an era of expectation inflation, staying fresh is the key to remaining relevant and differentiated. But bringing new ideas to life can be hard, given the pressures of BAU.

Imagine a service that helps you test and validate ideas, quickly. Which builds working prototypes for customers to try – and for you to learn from. And does it from a strategic perspective to ensure stakeholder engagement and brand alignment.

AlphaLab fuses brand strategy, research, human-centred design and technology to create, validate and deliver the next generation of products, services and customer experiences.


Future-fit brands

AlphaLab helps you understand why having an experimental mindset is vital for brand growth. Because we need to know how to build future-fit brands in a future that seems so uncertain. So how do we do it? It’s all about signals and noise. AlphaLab can help you steer through the noise so you can pick up the signals. Let’s start by exploring the signals that emerged from the rapid change of the last decade.

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Navigating change

There’s a reason Deloitte and Accenture have bought 15 Design firms in the last few years.

According to McKinsey’s recent report on the Business Value of Design – Design offers Brands the chance to ‘increase revenues at nearly twice the rate of competitors’

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Putting it all to work

Our rapid human-centred research that informs working prototypes you can watch customers play with. We work in blended teams alongside clients. Being in your office helps us build cross functional teams and develop your innovation maturity. We have a team of 75 strategists, designers and technologists to draw from, meaning we can conceive and build almost anything.

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Let’s talk.

A new strategic capability to help you solve problems AND build new futures for your brand.

We’d be happy to help you shape your strategic planning documents to include a line item for ‘experiments’, looking forward to this time next year when you can all say you’ve got closer to customers, new and old – by running hundreds of experiments.

Aimee Coleman
Director, AlphaLab
+61 401 388 002

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