Good business, creating better futures.

AAM invests in agriculture, while maximising the potential of each of the diverse assets in its care, continuing the legacy of Australians who have worked these lands for generations, and even millennia. As AAM was entering its next phase of growth, we helped reinvigorate the brand, rally staff, and build interest and trust with institutional investors looking for strong returns that also deliver social impact.

Our brand idea inspired AAM people across five states and territories, from the timber mills of the Central Tablelands to their investing hub in Brisbane. ‘It’s in our blood’ encapsulates their passion for regional Australia and AAM’s belief that our agriculture is well worth investing in. We defined personality traits – All in, A good head on our shoulders, and As real as it gets – giving rise to a genuine brand voice and authentic narrative. We also co-created an EVP reinforcing the personal contribution each AAM employee makes to change people’s futures.

Our design combines a number of elements to tell a powerful story. The new brandmark combines the uniqueness of a fingerprint, tree rings indicating history and growth, a drop of water and the boldness of mountains, evoking the topography of landscapes and the passion of AAM people. A colour palette inspired by the land and AAM’s values brings warmth and a classy feel to the design system, reflecting a serious impact investor with a big heart.